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Vibrant Love for Harriette Hill

Image sourced from Harriette Hill, Photography by Dirty Love Photography

Brisbane based label Harriette Hill has a funky vibe like no other known for being sustainable and it's unique fabrics. Harriette Hill has strutted their designs in three Undress Brisbane runway events and in the lucky town of Las Vegas for fashion week. There is no stopping the creative woman behind the label Claire Goldsworthy, who is also the director of Fashion Fridays at Capulet Bar

I have been fortunate enough to model for her clothes and each piece I put on I fell in love with! With Fashion Fridays at Capulet Bar happening this Friday, 8th November (get event details here) and Harriette Hill designs walking the Fashion Fridays runway. I quickly snuck in a quick interview with Claire to talk about her love for fashion and Harriette Hill.

Image sourced from Harriette Hill
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Image sourced from 
Harriette Hill, Photography by Dirty Love Photography

Tell us when you fell in love with fashion?
I was always creative as a kid, I think I first sat down at my great grandmothers sewing machine when I was 10 years old. I didn’t really get into fashion till my teens, and I only launched Harriette Hill just over two years ago, but I’ve always loved the freedom that fashion can give you to be different.

Why the choice to be ethical and sustainable?
For as long as I can remember I’ve been aware of the environment and recycling, I’ve always wanted to help in some way. ‘Fast Fashion’ and the issue of sustainability is a problem that people don’t want to touch because it’s so big. The waste, water use and gas omissions generated by the fashion industry is phenomenal, in Australia alone we produce over 170,000t of textile waste that ends up in landfill every year. If I can lessen the impact the fashion industry has on the environment, then I‘m doing something.

Harriette Hill is known for not following trends, where does your unique inspiration come from?
I usually find a piece of antique or rare fabric and go from there. I love the prints and patterns of vintage fabric, they are so vibrant and wild, I wish I grew up in the 70’s sometimes! My inspiration comes from a lot of places, it just depends where I am  and what mood I’m in at the time. Forcing myself to create a collection based on a specific trend is unnatural to me, so I just make one individual piece at a time. 
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Image sourced from 
Harriette Hill, Photography by Dirty Love Photography

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Image sourced from 
Harriette Hill, Photography by Dirty Love Photography

Where does the name Harriette Hill come from?
This is a funny one. I just sat down with my mum one day and we brainstormed ideas and names, the next day I woke up with Harriette Hill in my head and it stuck. About a year ago I found out that there was a Harriette Hill in our family history that none of us even knew about, so it was obviously just meant to be!

Describe the Harriette Hill girl?
The Harriette Hill market is broad; I don’t think I can put her in one box! I have had 90-year-old women wear my clothes, and 16-year-old girls wear my clothes so it’s a difficult one to define. The Harriette Hill character is definitely one that loves colour and vibrancy in their life though.

What is the magical process for the construction of your garments?
Its very organic and I work backwards most of the time! I like to find my fabric, and drape on my mannequins to get a feel for it. I’m not the biggest fan of patterns so I usually work without them. Playing around and experimenting helps with coming up with unique pieces, and I’ve found that the less I plan the better they are. It’s definitely a spur of the moment thing. Everything is handmade which is the time consuming part, but it means everything is a higher quality and last for longer.

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Image sourced from 
Harriette Hill, Photography by Dirty Love Photography

Your label has participated in three Undress Brisbane runways, what other highlights has Harriette Hill experienced?
That was a huge achievement in itself for me! Seeing my clothes worn at the Las Vegas Fashion Week was a pretty happy moment too. I have lots of little achievements that keep me going, I think just surviving in such a competitive and broad industry like fashion is an achievement every day. Its difficult for small labels that launch and try to grow without financial backing, especially in Brisbane. But we have such a great community here and in general Australia is very supporting of emerging labels, so being part of the industry is an achievement for me.

Where can we see Harriette Hill going? Any collaborations in the future?
I’m happy just keeping it local at this stage, although I will be expanding in the New Year! I’ve got a few sneaky projects in the works at the moment, so you’ll just have to wait and see. I love collaborating with other local artists, there’s a few of those lined up as well – but I’m keeping it all secret. I’m working by myself looking after every side of the business, so it’s a slow process as a one-woman job, but I’ll be reaching some milestones next year.

Make sure to be a part of the Harriette Hill's exciting new ventures via the website or Facebook.


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