Friday, 1 November 2013

The Dog Days are Over - Jessica Tovey // BNE Style // Charlotte Reeves Photography

I have this very very obsessive love for all fluffy creatures and when Yolanda Van Kimmenade from BNE Style suggested a shoot with pet photographer Charlotte Reeves who suggested the I pose beside a great dane. I was sold!

The Dog Days Are Over editorial was born, with pieces from Jessica Tovey's Spring '13 collection that showcased leather skirts, jackets and beautiful metallic tweed. The dynamic mix of Levi the Great dane, myself and the location of our shoot at The Commissariat Store Museum was beautiful. This whole shoot could have not come to fruition without the creative minds behind it, the sun kissed make up palette was cleverly done by MUA Amy Louise and of coarse both Charlotte and Yolanda. 

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