Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Model Behaviour Backstage at Fashion Fridays Heat 4

Models Natalie and Taylah backstage at Fashion Fridays at Capulet Bar wearing Qui Qui Fashion

Capulet Bar has been holding Fashion Friday's events directed by Claire Goldsworthy (also the creative mind behind Harriette Hill). The fashion show showcased 6 local Brisbane designers who competed in heat 4 of Fashion Fridays at Capulet Bar. I was lucky enough to model on the night which let me see all the inner works of how the event came together on the night. 

I managed to take some some photos behind the scenes of the models, designers, make up artists from By Stephanie and hair stylists from LylaClare. See all the images below.

Myself and model Holly wearing the lovely designs by Knickerbocker Bloom

The prints from Undral Fashions

Model Holly showcasing the hair work by LylaClare Hair Salon 

By Stephanie working her make up magic on the lovely Brianna

Models Natalie and Taylah backstage

The fashion racks with models names on them before the show

Models Annika, Myself Natalie and Holly backstage at Fashion Fridays at Capulet Bar wearing Qui Qui Fashion

Taylah and Brianna wearing Qui Qui Fashion

Model Annika wearing The Kaftan Queen

Models Holly and Natalie backstage in Knickerbocker Bloom

Model Holly wearing The Kaftan Queen

The Kaftan Queen garments backstage

Details from Qui Qui Fashion

Model Annika wears designs from Qui Qui Fashion

Brianna with designer Nicki Derrick

The watermelon print from Knickerbocker Bloom

Model Taylah and Natalie wearing The Kaftan Queen

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