Monday, 25 March 2013

Wrangler Denim x Love

Image from Wrangler Website

Racks and racks of blue denim is something I used to fear when trying to replace my favourite jean. Being 6"2 I found it extremely tough to find my jean mate. It wasn't until I stumbled upon a pair of Wrangler Twiggy jeans that fit perfectly from then on Wrangler has been my go to denim dealer. Since then I have worn my Wrangler Jeans to death, my two current victims are the Wrangler Rollie Short and Wrangler Short Shorts.

Wrangler Denim originates from a denim company called Blue Bell back mid 1910-20s, their prime subject was people who enjoyed a nice pair of well fitted overalls called Super Big Ben Overalls. It was in 1943 were Blue Bell bought Casey-Jones brand name Wrangler. Their adverts consisted of cowboys posing in Wrangler jeans aimed at rodeo workers, becoming a household name for cowboys. In 1947 they delved into jean development and came out with prototype jeans and from then onwards the Wrangler brand grew into a label. From 1957 onwards the brand target women and men with the approach of easy to wear denim. In 1966 Wrangler denim appeared in the New York Times as an "American Phenomenon" and without a doubt I agree with that very statement. 

Wrangler Rollie Short and Sass and Bide Denim Crop Jacket

Wrangler Short Shorts and Sass and Bide Denim Crop Jacket

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