Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Crazier the shoe, the better your day

I have this habit of falling in love with the most weirdest shoes, this is a habit most people who know me hate. The reason for this love is the lack of shoes I am able to own due my giant foot size. I'll take you back to Balenciaga Fall 2010, the Architectural shoe. The photo of these shoes are still on my wall, the wood and blocked colours in the heel almost look like you could obtain a "how-to-create-a-balenciaga-shoe". 

Another happy moment in 2010 was the Prada Spring 2011 RTW, those brogue wedges took my breath away. Embodying not only the running theme in their sunglasses but the brogues as well, so strange but beautiful.

Prada the brand that just keeps on giving, I believe if Prada it Elle can rock it. Any one can right?

Prefer something a bit more cuddly? Check out Celinè's Spring 2013 shoes, quite unique and Elmo friendly.

Don't forget Chanel, the light bulb heels light up too. . .


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