Tuesday, 18 February 2014

TFH Essentials No.1: The Kimono

It was last years Valentines Day my superpartner (my other half Nicolas) bought me a gorgeous kimono. Splashed across the garment is my favourite colours pastel blues, purples and white at the time I received the beautiful piece I didn't realise how much of a essential it has been in my wardrobe. It all begun with my obsession with Mary-Kate Olsen, she makes kimonos look so comfy & reminds me of old hollywood decadence. There's nothing better than lounging around in a long kimono feelings fabulous, that's why my number 1 essential is Kimonos.


I've compiled below a few online choices to full fill your kimono needs, personally I think a longer one is better for your long life kimono companion.
The first lot being at a more affordable price range and the other two kimonos at the more deep end of the price range.

1. Kiss The Sky Paisley Park Kimono - available here at Nelly
2. H&M Long Kimono - available here at H&M 

1. Anna Sui Silk Printed Open Front Kimono - available here at Stylebop
2. House of Cannon Maxi Silk Jacket - available here at Grand Social 


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