Thursday, 15 August 2013

Throwback Mariah Carey x Music Love

This whole week my life has been consumed with my childhood love of singing. Singing is something that I simply can't live without, I blame my mother for this very, very crazy obsession and now an area of expertise (well I would like to think so). My mother has a 5 octave range which was quite confusing for my childhood self, often I reflect back to when I used to sit down at the piano and listen to her sing.

Back in the 90's all I had was a little stereo which I would carry around with me and play a small collection of CDs, she gave to me. There was a Edith Piaf album which was given to us by our french friend who I always found so enthralling with his tales of parisian life. Next was a Trisha Yearwood album Songbook, I remember reciting these words on a daily basis "How do I live without you, I got to know." I had two Whitney Houston loves one on tape called Whitney Houston The Deluxe Anniversary Edition and Waiting to Exhale on CD. Just to top of the great singers list just incase I didn't get it she gave me Celine Dion's Falling into You. Next to play was The Day by Babyface, oh how much did I love Babyface. And finally Mariah Carey's album Butterfly and lately I have been feeling this little special connection with Mariah and felt these little collection of images below will express my favourite memories of singing. Her album was so much fun I would spend hours repeating each song until I knew it note by note. 


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