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Channeling our bodily energy requires a key. Do you have it?

Our bodies are full of energy, an innate type of magic. Why can’t our bodies harness this magic like the Charmed sisters do, shooting energy rays out their hands to create some sort of solution to their daily dilemmas. Being in touch with your body energy is as crucial to being in the leagues of the Charmed sisters, as everyday we stress over daily pressures. After pushing through the sea of chores during the week an island paradise called the weekend arises. Just like a mirage in a dessert you believe you can quench your thirst with rest but a wave of energy deprivation washes over your body. Instead of recharging the body still continues to feel burnt out and there is a missing piece. We examine ourselves, our surroundings and reason with specialists to fill this blank piece of information our body craves. Maybe there is a secret sect of women like the Charmed Sisters who withhold the rules of channeling energy through our flesh and bones.

There is a way our hands can heal us its Emotional Freedom Techniques, or as well-seasoned practitioners call it EFT “It utilises the ends of meridians which, I believe were discovered in ancient Chinese culture” says Amanda Pain a member of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association and a EFT Practitioner. By tapping these meridians with your fingertips they become stimulated and there is a release of a positive energy flow. Pain with 10 years experience in the field of Emotional Freedom Technique, had her first major breakthrough when healing her son of plantar warts in just two rounds of tapping within a week. Not only is possible to rid physical injuries but it can help resolve our anxieties from every day life. “EFT is great for addictions, cravings, depression, anxiety, clearing difficult memories.  Research has shown that EFT actually reduces cortisol levels in the body.” Says Pain and adds “EFT is a tool I can teach my clients which they can use for the rest of their lives”. Although she does say seeing a therapist is good to really shift difficult issues but believes the power of EFT can be an effective tool to take home with you.

Another professional in the field is Vicki Tate owner and Head Practitioner at Body & Spine Align in Queensland, Australia who found when dealing with patients who have physical pain there was need for more in-depth healing work. “I needed some strategy to deal with the emotional stress that comes up from time to time, to help clear the mind to help the body into getting better.” She says when discussing the magic of EFT, Tate is no stranger to alternative therapies. When at age 16 suffered severe abdomen pains that her doctors could not diagnose and was cured by her then boyfriend’s mother with a simple mix of vitamins. This experience catapulted her into the understanding of alternative therapies.  Nivedita Mehta an Emotional Wellbeing Practitioner and founder of Blissful Mantra also found there was something missing with her patients “With EFT this gap is not only bridged but it gives the client the satisfaction when you can experience an immediate change.”

Pain, Tate and Mehta all refer the founder of EFT when talking about its origin
“Gary Craig coined the phrase after developing what he called the 'basic recipe' although much of his information came from Roger Callaghan who developed Thought Field Therapy.” Says Pain. EFT founder Gary Craig a Stanford engineer, who recently retired describes the technique as “emotional version of acupuncture, except we don’t use needles instead we address emotional issues.” In Craig’s documentary on EFT the positive testimonies are endless and the same goes for Pain, Tate and Mehta. Tate spoke of a skeptic she once treated who was suffering from SUNCT, which is a piercing pain that occurs on one side of the head that can last up to four minutes and reoccur multiple times in one hour.  “He had no idea what I did and I said we could try cure it with EFT” she explained to him they would tap on all the meridian points linked to the major organs.  The first round of tapping his pain was elevated “he went on to say that’s not right, that’s not right, the pains gone” but only for a short time and after the third round he began to laugh hysterically. “He said this is unusual for me I don’t laugh like this” said Tate, she kept in contact with him and his pain has disappeared with his own use of EFT at home.

Maybe the producers of the Charmed series were onto something; our intrinsic magic that is activated through our fingertips. Emotional Freedom Techniques makes the missing key to healing our bodies seem not so secretive at all.

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