Saturday, 16 March 2013

Renegade Collective x Love

While browsing through my local newsagent for some fresh inspiration I stumbled upon the new magazine Messenger Collective (Now Renegade Collective). With cover girl Lorna Jane Clarkson representing their ideal of unplugged, raw and edgy, as a reader you are greeted with a familiar face in this launch issue. Messenger Collective caters for the fashion savvy reader who wants to travel and make a change in the world. Flipping through the pages there isn't a section that does not intrigue my interest. It was refreshing to see a magazine welcoming to contributors with a worldly view without losing sight of what is happening in Australia. Lisa Messenger, Editor-in-Chief voices the magazine's initiative in her Editors Letter as 
"bringing together a collective of like-minded, passionate game changers, thought leaders, style makers and rebels from all over the world to deliver inspiration and leadership and force you to keep asking questions" 
she goes on to say ". . . In a world full of of imitation and replication we wanted to do something different"

The magazine is comprised into sections about game changers, opinion piece, habitat, journeys and plenty more exciting areas. One of my favourite articles in the insight section is an piece by Kendall Bora called Penny For Your Thoughts, page 65. It is a concise glimpse into the dilemma for bloggers wether to monetise or not to monetise on their websites. With an honest opinion from Styling You, Nikki Parkinson, who is well known in the blogger-sphere, this article is a great acknowledgment towards the growing industry of professional bloggers. Naturally my two other favourite pieces is Camilla D'arcy's piece on New Zealand designer Karen Walker, where she discusses how she operates her business and the designers aesthetics from a young age. Camilla's other piece "Walking with Dinosaurs" unravels the long standing brand Dinosaur Designs with the Designer, Creative Director and co-founder Louise Olsen, page 98-99.

A surprising unique twist of the magazine is the little details like Page 88 and 89 that cater for the fashion savvy man. With James Want and Tom Hasking's the creative forces behind The Versatile Gent Website in the section "Men of Style" complimented with a mood-board called "The Modern Gentlemen" from their website. Their New Class section page 68-73 is enticing discussing the greatness of Pamela Love and game changers in the arts community, with short insights into Arielle Kebbel and Lily Kwong. Showcasing their endeavours and how they made it so far, the most lovely touch at the end of the articles is where Messenger Collective asks for recommendations for their section The New Class. The constant suggestion of reader recommendations through-out the magazine is a great acknowledgment to readers being active in social media and ties in with the magazines aim to be a collective.

Not only does this magazine dream big but it aims to bring this collectiveness to an international level, their aim was to be in five countries in 2013 but their have exceeded this with their launch issue. With distributors in 11 countries for their launch issue, there is definitely buzz about this magazine. This magazine will only get better with up coming issues, can't wait to purchase their next issue.

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