Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Lounging Loop

Honestly, there is nothing "in-depth" about my thoughts today. I have lounged, lounged and lounged. Now it's 5:00pm and I am thinking, where did the day go? What constructive things did I do today? Instantly my brain wakes up and my eyes widen in accordance with a self induced adrenaline rush. Just like the movie Looper but not as dangerous I am in the Lounging Loop. The symptoms of a Lounging Loop, are kind of similar to having your brain wiped and just not wanting to do anything but roll up in a blanket, sit down, stare at walls and even consider watching The Kardashians with a bucket of ice cream. 

All these listed activities from the Lounging Loop sound some-what familiar to a break up but I am definitely not going through one of those, so how did this loop come about? Well I look at what happened prior this day and I see myself in a warp of being busy, unfortunately for me I tend to be like a jumping miniature poodle in my daily activities. Wether it's answering the door or just talking with a friend an ounce of my energy is given to them and until now I had no idea that this was the cause of the Lounging Loop. Although maybe you might consider the day you just embarked will not grant you a Lounging Loop  day in return, sometimes it just does. There is no limit on how far we can push ourselves. People believe work is the only cause of this but just hanging out with a friend can be equally exhausting, especially if that friend loves to talk about first world problems for hours on end. We need to remember that alone time is the only cure.

Being alone can be scary and yes quite confusing at times, when I say alone I mean alone. Turn off that facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Youtube. Demi Lovato said it best “give your heart a break” but in this case the heart is your body, and technology along with friends are the devil. Stop clouding your mind and relax into a mind-numbing world of emptiness and inner thoughts. It’s at about this stage you might freak out and wonder what is your life plan will I have kids? Am I able to have kids? Will they look good in Ralph Lauren? Those real important questions, obviously. The process of freaking out even borderline stressing out is brilliant, because at one point your mind breaks and it’s oh-so-Harry-Winston-clear what your main priorities are. And you stop sweating the small stuff, like we all do and the idea that you don’t have that 100,000 Tumblr followers or likes on Instagram race out of your head. You might discover some new found loves for stamps or bedazzling old converse shoes, you truly will have somewhat of a divine intervention.

Remember we are not alone in the Lounging Loop it happens to everyone, some people choose to ignore the urges of the alluring loop and keep going, some people call it being "burnt out" or "over worked". Call it whatever you want, it's our bodies crying. Just like a big pink baby crying for its mother, your body is craving for the loop. Sure sometimes it comes at inconvenient times but you have to listen. If you don't you'll get cranky, fall down some stairs and maybe fall asleep in public. But if you enjoy doing those things by all means go ahead and avoid the signs. Sooner or later you will give in and you will wonder what happened, why am I here. This my friend is where the reflection begins.


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