Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Now this seems to be a major issue for everyone, when I say everyone I mean everyone and why is this? Because the “beautiful” people tempt us with this idealistic view on what we should be, which is not always a bad thing as it can push us to be better or make us completely break down. 
Luckily for me when I was growing up (probably this growing up stage refers to pre-school time) there was no racial difference or body image issues in my mind. My mother really didn’t put any religious or racial views into my head, everyone in my eyes and still till this day are seen as an equal unless they are completely off the Richter scale. But I can not say I have never-ever been affected by the harsh need of wanting to be that “girl” but mostly I have been completely comfortable in my own skin. It wasn’t until I attended a public school did I realise body image was a huge thing, the school I was at before was all about expressing your inner self and it’s hidden talents, self image was never, ever an issue. So entering this new world was kind of scary, so I put up a fight with myself to keep true to my identity and yes I did get teased occasionally but soon enough people gain a respect for who you are. A great side to not focusing on all that nonsense was the amount of attention I paid to what I love best (or even sometimes lack of attention) which was mostly art orientated. 
There is no point in striving to be that “girl” or “boy” because if you make too much room for this fake you where will the real you blossom? 

Be yourself and eat cakes, lots of cake.


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