Friday, 2 November 2012

My chic love affair with eBay

To some people eBay can be something of a tabu place to find fashion goods, but from my experience and my well-eBay educated friends. This is not the case once you have the power of the almighty eBay in your hands, you will never look at a piece of clothing in a retail store the same way again. When quizzing people on why eBay scares them away, there are three key concerns.

1. Money

The fear of their money being taken away via a virtual shop can be quite frightening. But with the ease of PayPal you really don't have to worry. Their customer call centre is more than willing to help and if your transaction goes wrong, you can easily hold the money from the seller.

2. Item quality

To be honest, it really comes down to common sense. When first starting off on eBay, I suggest on relying on their customer feedback (being a power seller on eBay is a positive sign).
Another thing you can judge an item on can be picture quality, now the most pedantic person can make mistakes in their listings. For myself, I really judge by the brand that I am searching for. One of my most treasured items came from the most dodgiest of photos I ever saw on eBay. 

3. Sizing

Well this is done by knowing your brands and knowing your size, your real size. Shoes for myself are hard and I know my ring size is a 7. Many sellers do offer measurements as well, so don't be shy to ask them if they are not listed. Know your measurements people!

More eBay information will be dispersed later on. 


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