Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A fashionable friendship

It's not everyday I find myself zipping up Paul Hunts and seeing the likes of Kim Ellery and Easton Pearson. But the fashion fairy waved her magical wand and here I am writing at the near end of this mystical journey. Before the unstoppable babble of all the stunning pieces and the incredible people who have inspired me each day through-out the event, I need to thank one special girl. Felicity Shields, without her I wouldn't be able to involved in this world.

Here she is in action.

And here I am equally excited!

Paul Hunt and his exquisite gowns
The days were 9am-9pm (or 10pm ) we were helping out with the show running around doing returns, grabbing clothes and moving them. And I tell you we saw many fabulous piece, and equally great people. Felicity is well acquainted with the top people in the Brisbane Fashion world and they are all lovely! I mean they allowed us to take this photo below
Totally on trend right?

It was a magical time and I would never give it up for anything else!


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