Saturday, 7 July 2012

It was the ninties

Clueless - 1995
Where do I even begin? Is it the beauty in Cher's character or the confusion of her marrying her step brother (or brother in law?) either way I love the film!

The prisoner black and white themed sports uniforms, c l a s s i c.

Especially loved this number, way more darker the than the usual Cher outfits but just as chic.

Special Mention to Miss Dionne's hats

Jawbreaker - 1999
My best friend Bianca is utterly obsessed with Manson, and introduced me to this film due to his cameo appearance. This film is quite freakish but the clothes were classic, give me that nineties-retro chic! Although I would not dress like Fern Mayo in the film, her outfits were very pink and slightly reminiscent of leading pink lady Rizzo.

Also a special mention to the crop cardigan in the film

The Craft - 1996
I was babysitting with my grandmother and she forced me to watch it. These bad ass witches rock long floral dresses and doc martins with tinted glasses for days.

A special mention to  Fairuza Balk and her spike neck choker, made me buy get one.


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